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Our Therapist collection

New Lola Lee Nail polish

Funky Summer Shades in vibrant colours , vegan friendly and cruelty free



I love this store -everything you need on one site. Expert advice just an email away

Alice Taylor

Cheryl is very knowledgeable and always knows what products are best suited for your needs. I would buy any of these items because I know a lot of time, effort and research went into selecting them

Emma Black

Shopping with Sublime is a really easy great online shopping experience. Easy to navigate, with a great range of Environ products etc. The communication and delivery was speedy and seamless.

Cath McGrath

I loved shopping at Sublime's Online Shop. It's a beautiful site and it's so easy to find everything. There is a lot of information provided for each product. Checking out was an easy process. I held all my products in my hand in a pretty box on the same day. It was really special. I highly recommend shopping your Kalahari and Environ products there. If you have a question, Cheryl is always there to help you in her caring, warm way.

Claudia Brandt.